Space Mother


  • Image of Space Mother
  • Image of Space Mother
  • Image of Space Mother

Space Mother is a spaceship transporting life to earth. Some might even venture to say it is representative of our origins as humankind. Space Mother is a feminine spacecraft fashioned from oxidized sterling silver wire. She is transporting a moonstone and an Australian opal to planet earth to begin life a new. Visit @Twisted.Wraps on IG for video!

Moonstone has a deeply feminine energy that aids in nourishment and healing, helping to bring its wearer back to wholeness. Wearing moonstone for extended periods of time is believed to bring insight into how you are mistreating your personal energy and teach self love while learning to heal.

Opal is believed to aid in releasing anger and embracing self worth. It may help the wearer to release inhibitions and express themselves more freely! Some claim that wearing opal encourages loyalty and spontaneity, as well as interest in the arts.

Dimensions: 1" at widest point, 1 1/2" tall and 1/4" deep

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