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"Ether" is a Moldavite pendant straight from the great beyond! She is ~12g slab of Moldavite elegantly wrapped in copper and argentium (tarnish resistant) silver. Moldavite is a stone with some of the strongest metaphysical energy on earth! Perhaps that's because she originated outside of our atmosphere and was created by a prehistoric meteor explosion in modern day Czech Republic. Moldavite is said to align its wearer with their destiny and provide them with a stronger sense of intuition, allowing the wearer to truly trust his/her instincts and achieve their dreams! Moldavite may also deflect negative feelings/intentions to help protect your mind, body and soul on this cosmic journey through space and time!

Pendant is approximately 1 3/4" wide and just over 1 1/2" tall. Thickness is approximately 1/4".

Feel free to email me if you would like a different chain option, but standard would be 18" (total) sterling silver with sterling silver clasp.

Shipping to all locations will include insurance/tracking, which should explain the $30 international shipping fee.