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Image of Aries
  • Image of Aries
  • Image of Aries
  • Image of Aries

Introducing “Aries”! Guys, I’m absolutely blown away by this one detail: I didn’t know Aries was associated with Mars, I found that out when I got done making the pendant and was looking for a name. Look at the bail and tell me you don’t see the horns of a ram! Here’s the concept I set out to actualize:

The idea is a solar eclipse swallowing mars into a black hole. Why? Because it’s heady and beautiful (so long as it doesn’t actually happen) Tigers Eye in the middle is Mars and it is collapsing into its center. Around the outside, you can see the rays of the sun in raw/bronze tarnish resistant copper and just beyond that is a band of tightly wrapped Argentium Silver. When the sun reflects off of the super bright/reflective argentium silver, it will send rays of actual light visibly outward beyond what I have created myself and give natural light a chance to shine.
This pendant is truly aligned with the flow and I hope someone enjoys it as much as I do!

Pendant is available on a black silicon choker or an adjustable hemp cord.