About Twisted Wraps

I'd like to thank you for your support and welcome you to share my passion: creating jewelry with natural stones!  It all started around the beginning of 2017.  I was a Soldier in the United States Army, nearing the end of my service and I needed an outlet.  I first began to collect stones/crystals because I loved their natural beauty and the energy they so effortlessly shared with anyone lucky enough to be in their presence.  I won't claim that I believed in metaphysical energy; I did not.  But over time, I became attune to that aspect of these ancient treasures.  I wanted to have them all, but how could I safely bring them on my daily travels?  To answer this question: I bought a "how to wire wrap" book and started to create wearable art with some of my favorite stones.

My passion grew even stronger and my collection of jewelry grew in unison.  If I didn't share my art, I'd surely drown in it.  I gave my close friends pieces I had made, especially for them; special stones for special purposes/times in their lives.  There's no better feeling than my own therapeutic outlet providing happiness for those I love.  With the encouragement of those close friends, I decided to expand my reach by selling my art on social media and to people I met driving Uber.

That brings us to present day.  I'm medically retired and soon to be starting college.  Life is good, and I'd like to keep collecting crystals and creating jewelry to adopt out to loving homes. Might you provide that loving home?